Heath Rada, (former) PCUSA Moderator of the 221st General Assembly (2014)

Good Friday Message from Hungary

Today is Good Friday. How amazing it is to be followers of Christ, and to share in that experience with other followers around the world. Our delegation leaves Hungary today, a country and city (Budapest) which barely resembles the one Peggy and I visited more than 25 years ago when “the wall” had just come […]


PC(USA) Moderator issues nine challenges to Presbyterians for the coming year

This April 17, 2015, speech delivered to the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board, Moderator Heath Rada spoke to nine points, in which raised nine questions for the members and leaders of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Rada, a retired ruling elder who served the American Red Cross as CEO of the Greater Richmond chapter and president of […]

Two more points from the Moderator

Several weeks ago I spoke to the Presbyterian Mission Agency about nine areas where I was observing interest, concerns, joys, or activity in our denomination. It was an “in-house” speech that was ultimately shared more broadly when placed on the Presbyterian News Service. The response has been heartening and I am grateful that a number […]

Letter to Jonathan

I was honored when my friend, Mihee Kim-Kort, invited me to be a part of her May blog series called, “The Meaning of Children.” It’s been a gift to read the reflections thus far about what we learn from our smallest teachers. My three-year-old son has been an important part of my cancer diagnosis and […]

Honorary Doctoral Degree from St. Andrews University

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Moderator Heath Rada received an honorary doctorate in divinity from St. Andrews University during commencement ceremonies on May 3, 2015. St. Andrews president Paul Baldasare bestowed the honorary doctorate upon Dr. Rada and noted his dedication to a professional life of service through a career spanning from education, to executive leadership in […]

A Mother’s Day Message

Today is Mother’s Day.  For many of us it is a day to celebrate with our Mom’s. For others of us it is a time to remember and be grateful for our Mom’s who are no longer with us.  For some, unfortunately, it is a day of pain or heartache, because some of us were […]

Standing in solidarity with the National Black Presbyterian Caucus

We, along with Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons, stand in solidarity with the National Black Presbyterian Caucus in response to the despair in Baltimore. We believe that that Church is called to name its complicity in systemic racism. It is only after naming racial injustice that we can seek to live as Christ’s body in a […]

Heath is travelling

Read a recent article on Heath’s travels at: theindependent.com by

In the midst of turmoil, hope still survives

Although I had been to a number of countries in Africa in past years, these past two weeks provided my first visit to South Sudan and Ethiopia. I found both countries to be filled with unique beauty—both in natural surroundings and particularly in the eyes and spirit of the people. I witnessed many challenges, including […]

Blossom and flourish in our renewal

This morning when I awoke and peered outside the window, the rhododendron forest in which I reside looked dead. All of the slick, green leaves that remain in place all winter were closed up so tightly that they appeared to have no life. When I looked at the thermometer out our kitchen window I noted […]